The Hunger Games Readalong: Progress Report 3

Now I am hooked to this book.  It took me a minute to REALLY get into it and now that I am…I am hooked.

How are you doing with the book of the month?  Are you reading along with Kris?  If so, you should be done with Chapter 18.  What do think of the first 18 chapters so far?  If you haven’t made it to this check points yet, no worries!  Here is a recap for you.

  • January 1st: Reading begins!
  • January 7th: Progress Report #1 – End of Chapter 6
  • January 14th: Progress Report #2 – End of Chapter 12
  • January 21st: Progress Report #3 – End of Chapter 18
  • January 28th: Progress Report #4 – End of Chapter 24
  • January 31st: Final Report – End of Chapter 27

Progress Report 1 (Chapter 1 to 6): Take a look and see what these bloggers thought of the first 6 chapters.

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Progress Report 2 (Chapter 7 to 12): Take a look and see what these bloggers thought of the first 12 chapters.

Words That Fly

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If you haven’t made it to Chapter 18… Don’t read further!!


Chapter 12 to 18  Test Questions

1.  How many tributes can you name from the Hunger Games?

2.  What is Haymitch’s advice to Katniss before the Hunger games begin?

3.  Where are the weapons located at the beginning of the Hunger Games?

4.  What does Katniss get?

5.  What are the most important skills she has for staying alive?  What qualities of her personality keep her going?

6.  What do you think will happen next?

What do you win if you get all of the answers right?  The satisfaction of knowing you are… RIGHT!  It’s not to late to join Kris in the Read Along.  Click on the owl and it will take you right to her Read Along.  Keep the pages turning!

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  • Tania W.

    1. Peeta, Cato, FoxFace, Rue, Thresch (sp?), I can only remember the district numbers of others…
    2. Stay alive! Run far from the Cornucopia and find a water source.
    3. The Cornucopia
    4. A backpack with supplies (and the knife she was nearly killed with)
    5. Katniss knows how to hunt for her own food and she’s small so she’s able to climb well. Katniss’ desire for her mom and sis not to see her die on tv keeps her will to survive strong.
    6. I read the entire book in 2 days so I’ll leave this blank since I know the REAL answer. 🙂

    I was so not interested in this “young adult” book, but now cant wait to read the sequel Catching Fire! Great book choice.

    • Wow Tania! You rocked that one! I am looking forward to getting into Catching Fire soon too! Congrats on the answers!

  • Isn’t being in the arena with her terrifying yet fascinating all at the same time? Glad that you’re enjoying the book.

    • I could not stop reading it. (That is the part that got me hooked like a crack head.)

  • This is one of my favorite books. The characters stay with you long after you’re done reading it. Looking forward to seeing the film this year. Great trivia questions too.

  • I think this section was best for me. Lots of excitement!

  • Oh my gosh, I would not be able to name all the tributes… Lol. Some of them didn’t last but a hot minute.

  • These books are freakin awesome. Can’t wait for the movie.

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