The Innovative Toronto Public Library

Actor Jesse Martin *Sigh*

If you had a chance to check out a book by…let’s say…The Dali Lama for a few hours, would you get that much out of it?  What if you got the chance to check him out of the library?  YES!  What if you were doing a report for a research project about homelessness and poverty in your city?  Wouldn’t you get more information and first hand knowledge from a person that was or is homeless then pulling numbers off the internet.  What if you just wanted to learn how to juggle?  You might be able to learn it faster from a pro-juggler.

The Toronto Public Library held an event were you can not just check out Books, DVD’s, CD’s and computers but you can check out humans.  People.  Real ones!  Could you image?  (That is too cool for school!)  Just image all the different kinds of people you could check out.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to check out famous people too?  Check out Oprah on Monday to get you motivated for the week.  Check out Dr. Phil on Wednesday to give you some coping tools for that co-worker.  Then, check out Jesse Martin for some chit-chat on Friday. (I needed a reason to add his picture to one of these post.  LOL!!)

Too bad we can’t check out people who have gone on!  Like Ossie Davis, Harriet Tubman, and Josephine Baker.

"In our feedback from the Human Library event, we found that a good portion of users heard about it from social media," she says. "In the least personal, most mediated way, they found a way to have a very personal experience."

Take a look at this amazing article written by a young man who check out a human from the library.

Always innovative Toronto Public Library lets us check out humans as well as books.

Who would you check out?  Someone famous?  Someone who has gone on?

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