The Re-Read List

Read A Thon Hour #16 Challenge:

Go back to your blog, and give us a list of your top favorite rereads of all time. You know, those books that you can go to time and time again for comfort and escape. Again, pictures are always good but not required.

This might sound corny but I can’t read a book once I know the end.  Or watch a movie more than once for the exact same reason.  The ending is the whole point and once I know the end I lose interest.  But there are a few exceptions.  Just a few.  As for movies I have watched Matrix more than once.  I mean who hasn’t!  If you need a good cry Steel Magnolias is the movie for that.  They should sell the DVD with a box of tissues.

As for books… I had to really dig deep for this one.  The only book that I have re-read is …. wait for it…


(Yes!  A cook book)


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