The Secret to Eating Mangos

mango eating


Fruits are important sources of vitamins and carbohydrates like fiber and sugar. They are low in calories and naturally sweet. Fruits and their juices are good sources of water, too. But what happens when one of your favorite fruits is hard to control? Difficult to cut and most of all, the messiest to eat?

We learn how to eat it properly!

How many of us has bought, sloshed and fought our way through eating a mango? RAISES HAND. Who knew there was  a special way to pick a mango let along cut them to keep the juice to a minimum? For so long, we’ve admired the way the nice women on the corner neatly and kindly sell their fruit by the cup; how can I cut my fruit so eloquently?

Our questions are answered!


What we ALL want to know, HOW to PICK, PEEL and CUT a mango:




Can u successfully cut mango’s?

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