Top Five Reasons To Read Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins

25760151Since I’ve started reading romance I’ve head so much about Beverly Jenkins, Her newest novel Forbidden is about Eddy Carmichael, a traveling cook. She catches the eye of wealthy saloon owner, Rhine Fontaine, who is a former slave secretly passing as white. Here are five reasons you should check out Forbidden.

1. It’s a brand new series 

Even though our hero Rhine Fontaine first shows up in Through The Storm, this book is part of Jenkins’  brand new Old West Series. Making it a great place to start if you, like me, want to follow a series.

2. Come to learn, stay to fall in love

A part from telling a good romance Jenkins also manages to work in little facts about American history into her writing. Like did you know in the late 1800’s The Oblate Sisters of Providence became the first order of Black Catholic nuns in America ?

3. This book will make you hungry

Eddy Carmichael is a talented cook who enchants the town with her food. Everything from her fried chicken to her delicate straw cookies will make you want to get in the kitchen. Jenkins mentions that the 1881 book What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking was her source for Eddy’s cooking. You can find the full text online. . . granted antiquated language and measurements don’t bother you.

4. Virginia City, NV

The setting for this forbidden romance is based on the real town of Virginia City, NV. In the book it’s a town and community that celebrates and sticks by one another. We also get glimpses of all sorts of gossip, history and family drama to be had.

5. Romance comes in all colors

Looking at mainstream romance, it can be hard to find historical fiction by and about women of color. Jenkins is one of the few traditionally published historical authors doing African-American hero and heroines.

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  • Tiffani

    I just bought this! I’ve been diving into the romance genre recently and Beverly Jenkins’ name kept popping up. I am going to read this first, but have you read any of her other books? If so, any recommendations?

    • I’ve started reading Topaz ! I like it so far.

  • Classy Green

    Jess- Mocha Girl Sharon from my chapter ( NEW LENOX) was just recommending books by Beverly Jenkins. She loves her books. I shared your post with her. Thanks

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