Upcoming Giveaway!

Sunday (the first Sunday in September) will be the 1st First Sunday Book review.  So, to kick it off with Mocha Girl style we are going to have a GIVE A WAY for the 5th review anyone (member or non-member) posts.  Here are the rules.

1.  Go to First Sunday in the menu column on the right and click.

2.  Read about the book we are reviewing.

3.  At the bottom of the article will be a comment section .  Leave a review.

(It has to be clean and more than 10 words.)

TIPS:  Here are some tips for writing the review.

a.)  Why did you read it?  Why?

b.) What about the book you loved?  Why?

c.)  Would you recommend the book to your BFF? Why?

If you are number 5 then you win an Amazon.com gift card from Mocha Girls Read.

Check back and see what the inspirational book for September will be.

Good Luck!!

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