Voting is Open for March Book of the Month

Inspirational Woman

black woman votingIt’s that time ladies.  Time to Rock the Vote!  For the month of March we are going to read a Book about an Inspirational Woman.

There are some great titles up for vote this time.  Here are the Rules for Voting.

1. You may vote for three (3) books.

2. All members get to vote only once.

3. Last Day to vote will be February 17, 2013. (Midnight Los Angeles time)

4. The book with the most votes wins.  But if there is a tie there will be a 48 hour death match. The two or three books will go into a head to head competition for only 48 hours. Whichever book is left standing (with the most votes) wins!



Below the poll you will find the title of the books linked to a brief description.  Now… may the best book win!!

Bossy Pants by Tina Fey

Desert Rose: The Life and Legacy of Coretta Scott King

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Lucy Green Eyes: The Story of Merlene McDaniel Benjamin by Paulette Benjamin

My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor

Navigating Life’s Roadways: Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and Inspiration for Your Journey by Deborah L. Parker

Saturday Night Widows: The Adventures of Six Friends Remaking Their Lives by Becky Aikman

The Someday List by Stacy Hawkins Adams

Unbought and Unbossed by Shirley Chisholm

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

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