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Now that we all have read The Strawberry Letter.  Formed mature opinions about the book.  Told a few friends our opinions.  Let your opinion be heard here on the site.  Mocha Girl Rhonda wrote her review of the book and you can too!  Just jot down a paragraph or two and send them to mochagirl@email.com

If you are not the writer type and don’t have time to put your thoughts on paper just click it.  At the end of each book review there will always be a poll with just three choices.

I liked the book

The book was just so-so

I didn’t like the book. 

That’s it!  Just click one of the three opinions that best fits your thoughts on the book and your done!  If you read it then tell us what you thought of it.  No stars!  No grades!  No 1 to 10 meters!  Just the basics.  Like it, So-So and Didn’t Like It.

Keep the pages turning ladies! ~Mocha Girl Alysia

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  • I haven’t read this one yet. I’ll have to look it up.

    • Join us on the November read. Tomorrow is the book club meeting and everyone is purchasing it then. So you’ll be right on time.

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