Where is your quiet time spot?

I find myself reading a lot in bed before I go to sleep.  I love when I’m in the mist of a really good book and as soon as I get home, I just jump straight into the bed and crack open the book.  I find it hard to image if and when I have kids, where am I going to get time to read?  I read the Twilight Series in a week (give or take a few days) all in bed.  If I had been busy that week with family stuff then it would have been a chore to get through.
Susanne (Blogger of Design +You) is much chicer than me because one, she has a beautiful design blog and two she has created a cute reading nook.  Yes, a space in her apartment that is just for reading.  I Love That!!  Her cute, quaint spot even comes with a pillow.

Reading Nook

Where do you read?  At Starbuck’s?  At Home?  In a garden?  Where is your quiet place?

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Just another girl who loves to read and then read some more and wants to meet others like me.
  • I read on my bed in my Romeo & Juliet room! Or on my couch across from my book shelf. :0)

    I zoomed through the Twilight Series too! I love Paranormal Romance, though it’s hard to find good ones.

    • I’m so jealous you have a Romeo and Juliet Room. 🙂 Too cute!

  • I like to kick back and relax on a lazy-boy in the living room to read. My apartment is quite small so I don’t have room to dedicate an area for reading. I couldn’t read in bed though – The lighting is all wrong and I’d probably fall asleep.

  • uhhhh the question is where don’t I read really LOL If I am into a REALLY GOOD BOOK I am NOT putting it down! I will start my day reading before I get out of bed, sometimes while brushing my teeth, I can’t read and drive at the same so I wait till I get on the train. I read at lunch in the courtyard, elevator, bench or my desk. Again, on the train. At the kitchen island, my desk, on the couch, and back in bed. If I had to pick my absolute favorite spot it would be th couch!

    • It almost sounds like a Dr. Seuss book. I will read in a tree, I will read on the sea. 🙂 You and me both. Planes are the best!

  • Hey Sis,
    Your post is most interesting. Your statement, ” I find it hard to image if and when I have kids, where am I going to get time to read?” is a situation that can be solved. It all has to do with adjusting to how you (or others in such a situation) consume books. In our tech age, you can use various mobile devices–specifically for books, so that you can always read-on-the-go. (I am sure that you have those devices too!). Also, consuming context by audio is another option. It could very well be that the text is offer in audio format, or that there are devices that can actually read the text to you. Another consideration when it comes to children, you may have to more so read books for them and to them, while you read less of your own books (unless you are a veracious reader, you will have no problem doing both). My last suggestion is–have your spouse care for the children while you get your reading in, if not your spouse, a babysitter.

    As a women’s studies scholar and beginning therapist, I like to help women understand that such life issues can be handled with ease. We can have it all, with some adjustments with how we do things. For example, when you have children, coming straight home and jumping in the bed to read your books will have to be readjusted. All in all, I think you will be just fine, because other women have been down that road.

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    • I love your site. We will be adding it to the links we love section of this site.