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Why I Love Wednesdays…First Meet Scene

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Mocha Girl Alexis from Reflections of a Bookaholic started a Wednesday Meme called Why I Love Wednesday.  What is a Meme you ask?  According to wikipedia…The term “Internet meme” refers to a catchphrase or concept that spreads rapidly from person to person via the Internet, largely through Internet-based email, blogs, forums, Imageboards, social networking sites and instant messaging.  Basically, a topic from the meme host (Alexis) is posted on participating blogs with blog authors answering it on their site (here).

The topic this Wednesday is…First Meet Scene

This one was hard for me to pick out.  But the one that keeps coming to mind is when Katniss meets Peeta for the first time in The Hunger Games.  I know I am still talking about that book.  But I thought Susanne Collins wrote a great scene for Katniss and Peeta to meet in.  If you have seen the movie and not read the book you might have missed it.  It was only a few seconds long.  In the book Peeta saves Katniss from starving by tossing her a loaf of burnt nut and raisin bread.

What is the best first meet scene you have ever read in a book?  What about the part when two characters meet for the first time?  Any stand out for you?

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  • BookReflections

    I agree that theirs is a good one.  I like everything about Katniss and Peeta together though so I might be biased.

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