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Why I Love Wednesdays…Book Boyfriends

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Mocha Girl Alexis from Reflections of a Bookaholic started a Wednesday Meme called Why I Love Wednesday.  What is a Meme you ask?  According to wikipedia…The term “Internet meme” refers to a catchphrase or concept that spreads rapidly from person to person via the Internet, largely through Internet-based email, blogs, forums, Imageboards, social networking sites and instant messaging.  Basically, a topic from the meme host (Alexis) is posted on participating blogs with blog authors answering it on their site (here).

The topic this Wednesday is…Book Boyfriends

For me I would date Cinna from The Hunger Games.  And now that Lenny Kravitz is playing him in the movie, I have no excuse not too!  He is kind, stylish, thoughtful, caring and he is not into all that craziness that the other people are into in the Capital. Lenny Kravitz I think I would have to fight to get my eyeliner from him every once in a while but that will pass with time.  LOL!  I would just make sure he had his own stash.  🙂

Ok!  Who do you think would be your perfect book boyfriend from a recent (this year) read?  Would you like to date Velman from The Darkest Child?  What about Peeta from The Hunger Games?  How about Gale? and why?

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